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On April 1st 2018, our web service “DeepAnalytics” will be renamed due to the change of its operating company and site renewal.

Please kindly read through it.


8,000+ data sciencetists community

30+ successful achievements of competition

500+ submissions per competition

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DeepAnalytics is a platform for predictive modeling and analytics competitions on which companies prepare the data and a description of the problem and participants compete to produce the best models.

For companies their data is fully anonymized to be published on DeepAnalytics.

For data scientists they can put their data science skills to the test and in being palced in higher rank they will be rewarded.





The process of model's getting improved is visualized as we summerize the model's predictive accuracy on a live leaderboard by scoring the submissions.

Participants from various fields compete against each other, which leads to producing the best models.

Competition hosts can get a full refund if the score of competition-winning model couldn't exceed the score of their models (Limited to premium plan) .

Obtain the Best Model

in 8 weeks at earliest

Competition hosts only need to prepare the data and a description of the problem.

There will be spent a lot of time on analysis to produce the best models. For most competitions, thousands of trials are made by hundreds of participants.

Gamification will drive best result in the shortest period.

Diverse Experts


From our perspective, expertise diversity is one of the key to produce best models.

There happens to be found a lot of important variables through the competitions.

You will find a living example of open innovation!

Applicable to a wide variety of problems

Predictive modeling

Predict the future value or identify to which of a set of categories a new observation belongs on the basis of data.

For example, predictive models are often used for demand forecasting, risk forecasting, anomaly detection, or image recognition.



That which is focused on the recognition of patterns, similarity, and regularities in data.

For example, it can be applied to user behavior analysis or questionnaire analysis.



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Competition Host's Interviews

POKKA SAPPORO Food & Beverage Ltd.

Corporate Strategy Department

Mr.Katsumata, Manager

Experience-driven insight into the scene

The idea that we can be connected to crowd-sourced data scientists through DeepAnalytics was an eye-opener to us. DeepAnalytics suits you perfectly when you suffer from both solving your business challenges with data analysis and the shortage of data scientists in your company.

Sansan, Inc.

Data Strategy & Operation Center

Mr.Joraku, Director

Ideas discovery through open innovation

We had a strong confidence in the accuracy of our predictive model which detects items on the business card. However, there turned out to come a lot of more accurate models using unexpected methods. We realized the value of open innovation once again.

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